Detroit Buckeyes Give Back

On Saturday, April 30, the Motorcity Buckeyes held the Detroit Double Play which consisted of two events. The first event was a lunch at Maccabees At Midtown and the second event was a community service activity at the downtown Detroit Gleaners location.

We arrived at Gleaners and everything was as expected. We were the largest group participating with 31 team members and there were roughly 100 volunteers in total with several obvious groups. The Motorcity Buckeyes were assigned the tasked of pulling orders to ship to Gleaners customers (e.g. Fish and Loaves). The 4 teams of 6 were given an order sheet, some training, some equipment, and turned loose in the warehouse to pull orders. It was a little bit confusing, a little bit chaotic, and a whole lot of fun. Other members in our group were given tasks like quality control (ensuring the pulled orders were in fact correct) and some sorting duties. In the end, we pulled together almost 50,000 pounds of grocery orders to ship to roughly 10 customers! We ended up finishing the day about 4 pm. View more photos from the event.Detroit Alumni Club at Gleaners