Ticket exchange information for 2022 football season

Ticket Exchange

Every football season the OSU Alumni Club of Detroit provides a home game (excludes the Michigan & Notre Dame games in 2022) ticket exchange service to our members. If you are interested in selling or buying tickets for a home game, please e-mail Steve Klepchak at bux72@yahoo.com.  Steve will put you in touch with a buyer or seller. All home games are mobile entry so you will need the ability to transfer the tickets electronically. Please inform Steve if you have completed a transaction so it can be removed from the list.

Don’t forget to watch every game with us at Buffalo Wild Wings. More info here: https://detroit.alumni.osu.edu/tv-parties-2/

Upcoming Events

Feb 29 5:00pm

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Detroit presents – Ohio State Center for Automotive Research and 1870 Ventures Night at the Museum

You’re invited to hear from Giorgio Rizzoni, Director of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at The Ohio State University as he shares updates on…